Traffic and safety

Hrvatske ceste d.o.o. compiles road safety data continually. Following detailed data analysis of accidents, the company identifies high-frequency accident occurrence locations and sections on the state road network in Croatia.

In the past period, Hrvatske ceste d.o.o. addressed 284 of high-risk road accident sites through road safety improvement programmes and spent over 269 million HRK on the improvements, including the funds secured by the National Road Safety Programme of the Republic of Croatia.

The comparison of road accident data collected over a three-year period before and after each high-risk site improvement has shown that the measures had tangible effects on road safety:

The road improvement measures applied to address the high-risk spots were mostly:

Alongside the identification of high-risk locations in state road network, conducted in compliance with the Directive on road infrastructure safety management (Directive 2008/96/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 November 2008), Hrvatske ceste d.o.o. compile data on road fatalities on the sections of TEM network (Trans-European Motorways) furnished in the Form „IPN-TEM/2015 - HRVATSKE CESTE d.o.o.“


Hrvatske ceste d.o.o. has actively participated in the implementation of EuroRAP project in Croatia since 2008.

The EuroRAP/iRAP methodology includes inspections of road infrastructure elements, assessment of risks and recommendation of improvement options that can be made on the network to save lives.

Protection of roads

Hrvatske ceste d.o.o. is responsible for data collection and analysis of road wear from heavy vehicles on the state road network. The surveys are conducted with four portable SiWIM (bridge-weigh-in-motion) systems and two installed WIM (weigh-in-motion) stations, in addition to measuring of total mass, axle loads and dimensions of the arranged abnormal loads (approved by the regional office of the Department for Maintenance and Traffic).