Standard Specifications for Road Works

The General Technical Requirements for Road Works (GTR) sets out the standard requirements for the work and materials to be used in road construction. GTR document is deemed to be incorporated into a contract made between the contracting authority and the contractor. Where the project design indicates that a special provision is required to resolve project-specific issues that are not covered by the GTR, the project designer shall draft the Special Technical Requirements (STR) which supplement the GTR in the contract documents and shall be read in conjunction with them.
The current edition is the third revised edition of the General Technical Requirements. The first edition was published in 1976 and the second in 1989. Years of practice are reflected in the third edition of 2001 which contains the following volumes:
Volume I – General Provisions and Preliminary Work
Volume II – Earthwork, Drainage, Retaining and Facing Walls
Volume III – Pavement Structure
Volume IV – Concrete Work

Volume V – Road Tunnels
Volume VI - Road Furniture

The 2001 edition of GTR consists of six volumes which together form a single edition of standard specifications for road works. Unless otherwise stated, all works shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant specifications (GTR) and their provisions referenced in the contract documents (technical documents/designs or Bills of Quantities). The General Technical Requirements were prepared by Civil Engineering Institute of Croatia (now Institut IGH d.d.).
ABBREVIATIONS used in specifications


The GTR contains description of works, construction methods, quality conformance requirements for material and works, and methods of measurement for the work delivered. The GTR shall apply to the works specified in Bills of Quantity and for variation works that may be determined as necessary to complete the work/the contract. For project-specific issues the special Technical Requirements may be developed by design engineers and included in the contract.