Requesting re-use of public sector information

The right to re-use information is governed by the Act on the Right to Access Information (OG 25/13, 85/15, 69/22). Pursuant to the provisions of the Act:

(1) Any beneficiary has the right to re-use information in commercial or non-commercial purposes.
(2) Public sector bodies do not have the obligation to prepare, adjust or reformat the information to suit the re-use of information request if such actions would require unreasonable time or cost; nor will they be held responsible for updating or storing information to suit any future re-use request.

The current legislation governing the freedom of information instructs that the requester be specific about the information that is intended to be re-used and shall:
1) identify the information intended to be re-used,
2) indicate the preferred format of the information;
3) specify the purpose of the information to be re-used (commercial or non-commercial).

Request for re-use of public sector information

You may complete the request form and forward it by email to or you may print it and submit it by post.