Requesting information

You may exercise your right of information by submitting a verbal or a written request.

Make a request by contacting us directly:
• by a letter addressed to Hrvatske ceste d.o.o. Vončinina 3, 10 000 Zagreb
• by email:
• by telephone: +385 1 4722 597

In compliance with Article 18, paragraph 3 of Act on the Right of Access to Information (OG 25/13, 85/15), the request for information should include:

• name and seat of the public authority addressed;
• information essential to us to identify and locate the information requested;
• name and address of the requester who is a physical person;
• name and seat of the requester who is a firm/a legal person

You do not have to say why you want the information and you may suggest the preferred mechanism of response to your request by a public authority.

Request for information

Request for amendment or correction of information

Click to image to open the request in Word format.

You may complete the request form and forward it by email to or you may print it and submit it by post.