Abnormal loads

Transport by a vehicle or vehicle combination that are extra wide, long or high and exceed the weight or axle load permitted, is abnormal load transport.

Before they are able to move such loads, carriers/haulage firms must notify the road authority and obtain the permit for the use of a certain route.

The abnormal load transport permit may be issued only for indivisible loads and only if other means of transport are inconvenient. The permit will set out all requirements if the transport is allowed.

The abnormal load transport permit is issued by the Maintenance Department Regional Office  which is competent for the area where the intended transport route will originate. The request for permit has to be made if the abnormal load transport will use:
• a state road,
• a state or an unclassified road,
• more than one public road classified as motorways, state, county or local roads.

The permit for abnormal load transport must be obtained for the use of international network by foreign haulage companies. In that case, the permit shall be issued by Maintenance Department Regional Office, based on the application made by a foreign haulage company through a legal or natural person registered for shipping/agency operations in road transport.